Breads Recipe Snacks

Banana Bread

I’ve been making this recipe for years. It’s fool proof and so good I even shared it with my Mother in Law. You can add chocolate chips or nuts to this recipe if you’d like. I made the original version here.

After the bread cools for a few minutes I like to cut a slice and slather a thin layer of butter on top while it’s still warm and drink a cup of coffee with it. I normally try to make the bread at nap time so I can enjoy my coffee hot 😉.

I hope you make it! My kids devour it and it’s Mother in Law Approved!


Personalized Kids Breakfast

My husband and I are always in debate about who makes the best eggs. Hands down it’s me, right?!

I love creating plates that encourage conversation. I asked my kids, what do you see? They immediately yelled, “My NAME, a smiling FACE, a princess!!”


Cookies cutters go a long way my friends and adding personalization to your child’s plate can bring a boring meal into a fun conversation.