Charcuterie Snacks

Snack Wreath

Do you think my kids will be excited for their after school snack today? I hope they get home soon because I might eat the entire snack wreath all by myself!

This board is made up entirely from @aldiusa products except for the pretzels!

Breakfast Charcuterie

Mega LOVE Board

Hi and welcome to Charcuties for Cuties. A blog about Charcuterie, colorful and nutritional kids plates and lunchbox ideas. I also love to bake and cook so you’ll find my favorite recipes scattered throughout this blog too.

I hope you’re hungry because I’m diving right in!

Today is my Anniversary and I’m excited to share our Mega LOVE Breakfast Board that I made for our whole family. Not only is this the perfect Anniversary board but with Valentines Day just around the corner it doubles as a fun love board too!

You can dip, dunk, and devour anything on this board. Breakfast, lunch, snack, or Breakfast for Dinner, this board serves it all.