Personalized Kids Breakfast

Super fun and creative way to personalize your child’s breakfast

My husband and I are always in debate about who makes the best eggs. Hands down it’s me, right?!

I love creating plates that encourage conversation. I asked my kids, what do you see? They immediately yelled, “My NAME, a smiling FACE, a princess!!”


Cookies cutters go a long way my friends and adding personalization to your child’s plate can bring a boring meal into a fun conversation.


I have 3 boys and 1 girl. Nicholas (5), Ellie (4), and twins Ethan (2) and Ryan (2). I lightly toasted each of their names and spread butter on them. Next, I cut out each of their names with cookie cutters. My favorite was Ellie’s. I added a hair piece onto the “hair” aka eggs. Just a couple strings of cheddar cheese and 3 mini chocolate chips and ta-da! a cute little hair clip was added.

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Omg! This is infectious and such a great idea. I’m helping raise my grandchild, but wish I thought outside the box with my kids. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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